Death Garden

Have you ever lost a person you love? Have you felt all those feelings that come with saying goodbye? And if so, were they light or heavy? Were they bright or dark? Have you noticed that death often is associated with darkness? I wonder: why is this? Is the darkness the thing we experience when we close out eyes? Is it about the darkness because we bury some of the bodies in graves deep in the ground? Or do we think of darkness because we experience ourselves in a dark place when we lose somebody? When we feel seperated, left behind or alone? Is grief swallowing all the lights and colours?
Why is it, I am wondering, that death seems to be such a mysterious place at all?
Why is it that so many people fear it? How comes some even use death as a threat or a penalty? Do we fear the end or loss of our existence? Or do we rather fear the uncertainty of not knowing what really happens next?

What if we believe in the concepts of reincarnation, rebirth and cyclic processes? What if death was not the end but just a door? How would we live our lives, if we knew that death was the pathway to a place of joy and love? Since we congratulate others to their birthdays – couldn’t we also congratulate a deceased person to the achievement of having been able to let go? Shouldn’t we celebrate them and the lives they have lived? Aren’t birth and death, beginning and end of a cycle undeniably close and connected to each other?

How can we invite alternative perspectives on the field of dying, griefing and everything beyond the moment of so called death? How can we plant and allow new thoughts and feelings about loss and our own mortality? How can we embrace the beauty of it?

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