Flower Power Shower

Do you sometimes feel like taking a shower? One that washes away all the dirt and the bad cold feeling? One that makes you feel new born and fresh and comfortable, ready to hug the world?
And isn’t that the most valuable gift that we can give to others?
If I’ve been watered and been taken care of and grown, shouldn’t I open the tap as wide as possible and pour everything I have, comforting the ones that are seeking this warm, cleansing flow?
Why am I afraid to go in full power? …Could my pipe run dry? Do I have enough for myself to keep growing? Is the person I give my love to able to receive it? But to be honest – what is the worst case to be happening?
If I waste it, if it pours out and doesn’t reach anyone else, doesn’t it still go to the ground of my own roots, coming back to me?
Isn’t the waste of love the only waste ever that makes total sense?

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