Screen Love

Why am I so addicted to you?
What do I see in you? Is it your shiny surface that I fell in love with? Is it the reflection of myself that I like to look at? Or is it the depths that I found behind it?

Am I pleased by feeling that I could spend days with you without getting bored or upset?
Am I fascinated by the fact, that you have so much knowledge and so much wisdom gathered within? Am I stunned by the set of skills that you gained through all this time? How can you always give me everything I ask for? How can you serve me like this?
Do you even realize how endless your capacity is, to make me laugh and cry, to turn me from thoughtful to aroused, to bring me through the day and keep me up all night? Do you realize how essential you have become for my life? That you are the first that I welcome in the morning and the last that I lay my hands on before I fall asleep?

And do you know what this kind of love does to me?
How can I be free, when I always feel that I need you? How can I breathe, when, as soon as I give you a little of my attention, I get completely lost in you? How can I stay myself, when, as soon as we are in the same room, I turn into a zombie – so fixed on you that others can hardly reach me?

Do you want it to be like that? Is that, what makes you feel strong?
What do you think of a little break?

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