Power of Touch

How does it feel to be touched – by objects, by hands, by words, by another soul?
How do I touch? Am I aware? Can they feel my awareness through the moment of connection?
Can our skin remember a touch, like our nose can remember a smell?
How is our soul connected to our skin?
Can I touch something or someone just with my imagination?
Does it need attraction to touch or to be touched?
How does it feel to be touched by myself? And does my conciousness split into one that touches and one that is touched? Can I feel it both at the same time? Is there even a difference?
How many touches can I feel at the same time?
How many people can I be in connection with? How is my capacity to connect?

Can we even built a connection without being in touch?
Isn’t this the essence of our being and existence in this world?


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