Have you ever heard or thought about parasites – these little creatures that decide to live within us, using us and our body as a host to survive – like little worms or bugs? Did you know that these organisms often bring in diseases, causing their host serious harm? And did you know that sometimes this leads to a symptom of a fever?

Looking at it from what we know now, do you think these parasites think about these facts? Do you think they care? Isn’t it in the end their nature and urge for survival as a species and unlimited growth that drives them to act as they do?

And now, what do you think: If we would look at ourselves as parasites, would we have the same excuse for our actions like a worm? How big is the evolutionary difference between the two of us really? How should we continue to treat our host? How deep should we dig, how high should we reach? How far should we go? And why?

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