Mothers Milk

Even if it is part of my profession I can’t stop asking: What is marketing up to? Is it just trying to sell us stuff? And if so does this mean that we’ll always be confronted with what it thinks we‘d like to hear? Or let’s put it like this: If marketing would be a person, would you be friends?

What is it telling us? Is it giving us facts and data to inform us about the product? Would this transparency equal truth? And where does the truth start? By not telling lies or by just not telling the whole story?

Are we really able to see? Are we aware? How can we trust any promise whilst wearing a blindfold of emotions that are triggered? How can we see clearly, surrounded by a dust of longing for dopamine? How can we choose our way within the forest of graphics and words?
And what would we do if all those labels, packagings and ads would be 100% honest?

#packaging #shittalk #nakedtruth #openeyes #mothersmilk #govegan #justasking


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