High Mood

Excitement – what is this feeling that lights up a spark in peoples eyes, making them talk about something or someone like there was nothing else? And what is it about? Is it just a form of extrem appreciation? Or the fascination of the new and unknown? Is it joy? Or passion? Or impatience? Is it even a feeling?
Isn’t it somehow also a form of identifying with something? Could it be, that excitement is the extrem expression of saying „I care about this“? And if so, why do I express it like that? Couldn‘t I also keep this feeling inside without sharing it with others? Without getting appreciation?

Why can’t I just acknowledge that it is important to me – without getting „high“? Maybe because this state of mind, the thrill, the tickling, the tension, the arousal, the moment when our hormones kick in, is strongly addictive?

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