Refugee Open Cities is an organization that innovates inclusion, seeks the potential in every newcomer and builds communities of action. The ROC Toolkit (version 1.0, for now only in German language) is based on the collective experience of a prototype team in Berlin – from practitioners, for practitioners. It offers solutions to the questions how to run inclusive innovation processes, how to establish self-organized teams, how to organize a construction festival and many more.


Illustrationen, Corporate Identity, Layout

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For me it was important that the design is flexible and captures the feeling of the building festival. I adapted the colors the space and the people created intuitionally and used them for illustrations and informal graphics to guide the user through the toolkit and give orientation for the different methods and tools. The created corporate guidelines contribute to the brand of Refugee Open Cities and may be used in following projects and organizations.  Whilst the toolkit is open source and available for download as an interactive PDF already, the Toolkit website hasn’t been published yet and still is in developing mode.