Meeting the light on the way.
Fearless flowing around.
Lighting up the dark spots,
Leaving blind ones behind.

Telling you stories and what it has seen.
About deepest darkness and where it has been.
Telling you to see the truth.
About the world, about yourself.

You travel together.
The light is your guide.
You wake up together, you rest together.
The light is always at your side.

Days pass and then weeks.
And then time passes and disappears.
Light becomes your compass.
Light takes of all your fears.

It meets your eye.
And then the second and the third.
And then it shines through and through.
And you finally see. And you let go.

Open yourself and let it enter.
The sun warming heart and soul.
The moon cooling down thoughts and mind.
The light within you growing rich and bright.

And then slowly slowly begin to shine.
Become the light yourself.
Share and give whatever you can.
Lighting up the world on your way.

See, share and give.