Questioning Questions

Have you ever thought about the meaning of questions? Aren’t they magical? Aren’t they powerful? What do they mean to you? How do you use them?

Do you use them to open doors? Or to bend minds? Or to plant seeds? Do you ask questiones to dig deeper? To go further? To reach higher? Do you ask them to get information? Or awareness? Or connection? Can questions change your reality? Do the questions you ask define who you are? How do they impact you and your behaviour?

Do they make you nervous? Or do they help you to find peace? Do they give you security? Do they support your trust – or your mistrust? Do you look for answers or for more questiones? How do you feel if there are no answers?

Isn’t questions a big part of what makes us human?
Isn’t the choice of questions we ask ourselves, what creates our future?

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