The old one within me

May I introduce to you: this is me. Or rather: this is, who I may look alike when I’ll be at the age of a lady, that carries along the wisdom of a lifetime.
I’ve met her in a dream. And I’ve aged a picture of myself with an app to remember her and to share this experience with you.
So if I look at this picture, I look into my own eyes, knowing, that the day might come that I’ll have actually grown into her. I don’t know what world we’ll be living in by then and for this moment now, it doesn’t matter. Because what I’d like to share with you, is, that she is not only a future version but also part of me already.
She has been with me, since I am part of this world.
She is my inner wisdom.
She is all what all my ancestors before me have experienced and known.
She knows the pain of loss.
She knows the fear of being alone.
She knows the joy of being alive.
And she has seen all of it come and go.
She takes responsibility for her thoughts, emotions and actions.
She is something inside of me that I look up to with humbleness.
She is a part of me, which allows me to give myself comfort and stability.
She is forgiving and patient.
She is grateful and humble.
She is never in a rush and always welcomes problems with a smile.
She speaks only when I am silent.
She is listening when I speak.
And sometimes she sees what I can’t see (yet).
She is the one feeding my intuition.
Her spirit is not just inside of me but connected to all the other elders, to collective wisdom.
And I have a feeling that we all – deep inside – have a part like this in ourselves. That we all have this timeless quality within, if we are willing to stop tweeting and talking and doing and buzzing and instead listen inside and connect.
Then we only need to trust and surrender.
But I find this to be quite a challenge.
Isn’t it?